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After this post I will be writing through my blog, Go there to keep up with me through the summer!

It is about a week and a half till I leave for Cambodia for 70 days. It seems so far away.. it’s kind of ironic.

I am an Intercultural Studies major at Lee University and for my internship I will be spending 2 and a half months working with the People for Care and Learning. I cannot express the amount of excitement and anxiety that is happening. I’m currently finishing up ministry prep and making 50 packing lists, but I can’t fit it in my head that I will actually be doing this and that it is a big deal.

PCL is a NGO that is helping rebuild the country after three generations of genocide, providing an English Language Center, coffee shop, farms, homes and much more. Their impact reaches far and wide working holistically with the Cambodians. I can’t wait to meet these beautiful people and their country. I have always loved Asia and this adventure of service and sacrifice is one I am ready for, though not without a fight.

This semester was a doozy with 18 credit hours…I have made it out with all As and Bs, praise the Lord! The Lord has changed my heart, set me free, and dealt with my attitude, but has never left me. He only strengthened our bond, even after my minds confusion. That’s the funny thing about think your so far away and He’s constantly there. It can even become what you don’t want, but He is. My spiritual journey this semester has been one for the books, taking me from devoted to busy to discouraged to freedom to torment to rebellion to defeat to acceptance. But one thing I know is that no matter how I felt, God’s will was always done and I made sure that I was in it. I love Him too much for anything else. Fighting against our flesh is a lifelong battle, that I plan on encountering while in Cambodia as much as I did in America. I take these feelings and use them to my advantage for when they return. I am victorious through Christ.

I don’t know what to expect, except maybe some major flexibility growth. I will be teaching English for the first time and I am definitely interested in how that will work out. But I’m more interested in how my farming abilities will turn out! I can’t wait to set my mind to accomplishing all of the new tasks assigned to me and getting to know all of the new people! The monks and the villagers in the city and the tourists. So many things to cram into my brain….but I won’t let a single thing be missed! Image

So, this post is just an update, a clue as to what I am getting ready to embark on, a peak into my thoughts. Don’t expect a post everyday or even every week, but expect an revelation of what God is doing in Cambodia through my eyes. I am too excited to put into words my hope of the healings and miracles that I will see and the power of God being impacted on this country!! Pray with me as I begin a life-changing journey into the unknown.

Sincerely, The Curious Adventurer,



Date A Girl Who Dances

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Thought Catalog


Date a girl who dances. Date a girl devoted to doing the unnatural every day, who stands on her toes and speaks without words. Date a girl whose eyes get glassy when assaulted by new music because she can’t help choreographing, casting, living and dying in her mind.

Find a girl who dances. You’ll know that she does because she will seem to move endlessly. She will sway to the sounds of the city, fidget every few minutes, crack her knuckles and her neck, roll each wrist and cross the other leg just so she feels even. She will forget herself and where she is, the length of her skirt and the strangeness of what she’s about to do when something falls from her lovely, articulate hands to the floor. She will not bend at the knees because she does not have to, folding instead at the waist to…

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18 Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

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So me,

Thought Catalog

1. Your need to find meaning in everything usually culminates into crafting conspiracy theories about what the period placement in a text means.

2. You end up making every situation in your life about 100x more difficult than it has to be.

3. You cannot let anything go, because you’re convinced that if you just run over the details a few more times, you’ll finally uncover some new understanding of the situation or it will somehow change the outcome.

4. You’ve probably never been sure about a thing in your life. You’ve approached everything from choosing a school and a partner to your outfit in the morning and brand of bread at the grocery store with equal levels of angst.

5. You could get a Master’s degree in interpreting what the song lyrics people post really mean.

6. Though your critical thinking skills are pretty on point, the toughest reality you’ve had…

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7 February 2014

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What a crazy and incredible God I serve. He is magnificent and passionate. He is the clarity when life has blinded our sight to His goodness. I can’t believe His timing, once again He astounds me. This weekend me going home was a hotmess and up in the air. I get a phone call from my mom saying the Perry Stone was going to be doing a conference, and decided even though I would miss my doctor’s appointment I would go home this weekend. I text a friend of mine in Master’s Commission and she needs help choreographing for a conference they have coming up. I (almost) never say no to an opportunity to dance, so I get there and she prayed Thursday night that I would be able to come home for a weekend before it was finished!! Is God an on time God or what? I knew that something was supposed to happen with all the chaos that was involved when figuring out times to leave. 

I love that I was able to develop a relationship with the kids in Master’s!! It has opened so many doors to my life, including confidence. My comfort zone has been pulled and molded while in their hands. The beauty of seeing their growth every time I come home. 

I can’t help but thank God when I see the friends and influences He has put me around. Even the people that test my patience, for they are the ones keeping me humble and focused on God. I may give in to peer pressure too easily, doubt my abilities, and talk too much without listening, but I’m human. We all have those constant sins and stumbling blocks that hinder us from being whole. We mustn’t let those bring us down because Jesus’ blood can cover every sin. Every sin. You don’t have to believe the lie that you aren’t good enough.

We have to stop looking to this world for our love. It is in God’s hand. He is the one to “like” our Facebook status to let us know we’re special. Tonight I experienced God through dance. How I’ve missed dance. The one thing that flows out seamlessly from my body: no words to confuse, no thoughts to scramble. Just me and Holy Spirit translating the heart of God so that other can know His presence. I feel God when I dance. I know He’s with me. It’s my constant connection to Him. Without my expression of music I wouldn’t be Brittany Anton. She isn’t calm, cool, and collected, but she’s top notch in her Heavenly Father’s eyes. 

Everything in me that is Good is from the Father. 

The Daniel Fast (Day 21)

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Day Twenty- one: God’s Eternal Table.

As the final day closes, I see that how blessed I was to start this with the beginning of school. I established good work ethic and determination to achieve my goals. I deleted Facebook and Pinterest from my phone and am staying strong! The food department is another story… but the thing I’ve learned from this fast… I can be diligent. I’m proud of myself for the first time in a long time. My school work is something that matters to me but I had lost my motivation.

This semester is just about to kick into gear and I believe I’m ready,  especially with Jesus!! Never give up! It’s worth seeing the end results:)

Thank you to everyone who kept up with me, I deemed you as my accountability partners so that I’d finish strong. There were mistakes and missed blogging, but I feel good and ready to pull closer to Jesus. I will keep writing as I prepare for my internship in Cambodia, keep an eye out for new installments of my Internet dialogue.

The Daniel Fast (Day 20)

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Day Twenty: God’s Beneficial Table.

The more I realize tomorrow is the last day of my fast, the more I want to keep it up. At least not using social media and Netflix. I actually get homework done and am proud of myself. But, I’m ready for meat. I need a sandwich.

Today was haphazard and random, but only for the last half and not really even then. I just got to hang out with friends for a while. Last year I was a part of a dance troupe that just put on a performance this weekend. I enjoyed it, and God used her closing monologue to touch me, The enemy had currently tried to get a foothold in my life, and even once it is prayed off your mind wants to hold on to it. Why do our minds create so much drama? Why do we allow ourselves to know the truth and stay in contempt. Yeah, I’m miserable, but I’m not going to talk to anyone and make it into and melodrama revolving around me. Our fallen nature is selfish and petty. Once we turn our face away from ourselves then we see our neighbor, who may be also falling on their face in effort to live. Life stinks and we have each other to lift us up and edify our spirits.

I’m falling asleep as I type this, so I’m gonna hit the hay! Night, and next time I write I’ll no longer be fasting…the suspense should be killing you.

P.S. I’ve been running out of adjectives for God’s table and I’m glad it’s coming to an end.

The Daniel Fast (Day 19)

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Day Nineteen: God’s Perceptive Table.

I know it’s technically day twenty right now, but I’m just now getting a chance to write.

Not unlike the Indonesian story that Pastor Clark describes in the devotional; God did a 180 to me, as He usually does. They expected a church to be built and I expected much more for myself. I have been dealing with some depression, and I really believe it stems from my expectation and hope in people failing more often than not. I move on after a few days, but I work myself up. Though it isn’t unusual for myself to obsess over everything. I went for a walk to distract myself from my constant berating thoughts, but when I got to Schimmel’s the swingset was taken to I turned around to walk aimlessly around campus. I had a Pocahontas “which path do I take moment” and it was beautiful. Let’s just say I didn’t choose the smoothest course, metaphorically. I talked to a few friends, but found myself sitting alone in the PCSU on the verge of tears. Before I took this walk (or any others that have happened over my Lee career) I knew I had expectations from God to send something to change my day and mindset. Usually it’s small things that I see and move on, but this time He sent two friends, the last friends on earth I would expect to show up. The team in Indonesia didn’t expect a dinner with the people to produce better strategy for the building, but God does what He wants.

It’s slightly embarrassing to be sitting alone in the PCSU, especially when people that day kept asking if you were ok when you aren’t quite sure how to respond. They came up to me and started talking, and eventually one of them asked if I would let them pray for anything, and you know, I just really appreciated this. God didn’t have to send them, and there have been times when He’s done nothing. But I really needed this. They prayed with me and I felt special, like God wanted to talk to me again in forms other than my mind. I have never doubted God’s presence so I don’t worry over those matters, but I do miss His manifestations of His love for me.

God gave her the words Purity, Destiny, Life, and Purpose. Sometimes I feel as though my efforts and caring get passed over, but I was reminded of the times that it doesn’t, that people do fell peace when around me. All I want is for people to be changed by God’s glory shut up in my bones. She also felt led to tell me that I have harvested my talents well. There is no better feeling than hearing that God of proud of you. To know even when you feel like crap He is making something of you.

I just want to encourage my readers that if God hasn’t shown Himself to you recently, hold on. He will show up. Right when you need it. (This is getting almost to cheesy for me, but it’s real life.) I had been in the best of moods all week, the minute I’m depressed and sullen, He sends to agents of faith. I appreciate people stepping out in boldness. I should do it more.