7 February 2014

What a crazy and incredible God I serve. He is magnificent and passionate. He is the clarity when life has blinded our sight to His goodness. I can’t believe His timing, once again He astounds me. This weekend me going home was a hotmess and up in the air. I get a phone call from my mom saying the Perry Stone was going to be doing a conference, and decided even though I would miss my doctor’s appointment I would go home this weekend. I text a friend of mine in Master’s Commission and she needs help choreographing for a conference they have coming up. I (almost) never say no to an opportunity to dance, so I get there and she prayed Thursday night that I would be able to come home for a weekend before it was finished!! Is God an on time God or what? I knew that something was supposed to happen with all the chaos that was involved when figuring out times to leave. 

I love that I was able to develop a relationship with the kids in Master’s!! It has opened so many doors to my life, including confidence. My comfort zone has been pulled and molded while in their hands. The beauty of seeing their growth every time I come home. 

I can’t help but thank God when I see the friends and influences He has put me around. Even the people that test my patience, for they are the ones keeping me humble and focused on God. I may give in to peer pressure too easily, doubt my abilities, and talk too much without listening, but I’m human. We all have those constant sins and stumbling blocks that hinder us from being whole. We mustn’t let those bring us down because Jesus’ blood can cover every sin. Every sin. You don’t have to believe the lie that you aren’t good enough.

We have to stop looking to this world for our love. It is in God’s hand. He is the one to “like” our Facebook status to let us know we’re special. Tonight I experienced God through dance. How I’ve missed dance. The one thing that flows out seamlessly from my body: no words to confuse, no thoughts to scramble. Just me and Holy Spirit translating the heart of God so that other can know His presence. I feel God when I dance. I know He’s with me. It’s my constant connection to Him. Without my expression of music I wouldn’t be Brittany Anton. She isn’t calm, cool, and collected, but she’s top notch in her Heavenly Father’s eyes. 

Everything in me that is Good is from the Father. 


~ by banton11 on February 8, 2014.

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