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It is about a week and a half till I leave for Cambodia for 70 days. It seems so far away.. it’s kind of ironic.

I am an Intercultural Studies major at Lee University and for my internship I will be spending 2 and a half months working with the People for Care and Learning. I cannot express the amount of excitement and anxiety that is happening. I’m currently finishing up ministry prep and making 50 packing lists, but I can’t fit it in my head that I will actually be doing this and that it is a big deal.

PCL is a NGO that is helping rebuild the country after three generations of genocide, providing an English Language Center, coffee shop, farms, homes and much more. Their impact reaches far and wide working holistically with the Cambodians. I can’t wait to meet these beautiful people and their country. I have always loved Asia and this adventure of service and sacrifice is one I am ready for, though not without a fight.

This semester was a doozy with 18 credit hours…I have made it out with all As and Bs, praise the Lord! The Lord has changed my heart, set me free, and dealt with my attitude, but has never left me. He only strengthened our bond, even after my minds confusion. That’s the funny thing about think your so far away and He’s constantly there. It can even become what you don’t want, but He is. My spiritual journey this semester has been one for the books, taking me from devoted to busy to discouraged to freedom to torment to rebellion to defeat to acceptance. But one thing I know is that no matter how I felt, God’s will was always done and I made sure that I was in it. I love Him too much for anything else. Fighting against our flesh is a lifelong battle, that I plan on encountering while in Cambodia as much as I did in America. I take these feelings and use them to my advantage for when they return. I am victorious through Christ.

I don’t know what to expect, except maybe some major flexibility growth. I will be teaching English for the first time and I am definitely interested in how that will work out. But I’m more interested in how my farming abilities will turn out! I can’t wait to set my mind to accomplishing all of the new tasks assigned to me and getting to know all of the new people! The monks and the villagers in the city and the tourists. So many things to cram into my brain….but I won’t let a single thing be missed! Image

So, this post is just an update, a clue as to what I am getting ready to embark on, a peak into my thoughts. Don’t expect a post everyday or even every week, but expect an revelation of what God is doing in Cambodia through my eyes. I am too excited to put into words my hope of the healings and miracles that I will see and the power of God being impacted on this country!! Pray with me as I begin a life-changing journey into the unknown.

Sincerely, The Curious Adventurer,



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