PE Day 9:

What does praying “Your kingdom come” mean?

It’s us tellingGod to have complete kingship of our lives, earth, and others. God is the perfect king, we just don’t realize it, so instead of rejecting it we need to call it forth onto the earth. Because the people who are resisting need Him more than they know, and if we call His kingdom down, He will find a way to be in them. He craves for us to walk in His authority, or obedience, and pray for our perspectives not to change how we are supposed to view God’s people.

What are some mindsets that you have that tint your world?

I know this might not be what’s supposed to answer this, but whatever. I learn things fast and I know a bunch of facts, and I just asume that everyone else has this ability. So, when I’m talking to someone and say something they have no idea what it means or what it is, I get confused and almost condem them for not knowing something like that. Yeah, it’s wrong (and weird), but I’ve been working on it. I have extremely high standards for the person I’m going to marry (like a list of 91 things he”s gonna have to have). So, when I see my friends dating I get worried that it’s not the right one or they’re doing it wrong. First of, I’ve never been on a date or like someone seriously, how would I know what to do and tell them it’s wrong? I seem to judge them by my standards thinking they’re perfect (they’re pretty close to, and then I wonder why their relationship is failing. I say these glaases go!

Why doesn’t God just establish His kingdom by force?

Because He wants you to make a sound choice in asking for it to come and really wanting too. God doesn’t want us to hang by a string while He makes us do a jig. Even if He did humans crave their free will, they can do what ever they please and little do they know God allows them to blastphemy His name, kill His children, revenge His forgiven. He wants us to repent for the wrong doing that has taken our lives into a wrong direction.


~ by banton11 on March 25, 2010.

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