PE Day 8:

How do you feel right now?

Kinda tired; it’s 6:18 in the morning and I went to bed late last night. But honestly I feel satisfied, confused, frustrated, and hope. Last night was another act from God! People heard from him and experienced God like never before. The thing is Monday I was going through a “not being able to hear from God” kick, but it’s almost like I can only hear him when I pray for others and in general but not during the day when I’m walking down the hallway..It stinks when you pray to someone to do something that you haven’t mastered yet; I feel like I let them down if I mess up at since I prayed for them about it.

What do you think might happen if we told God how we felt? What might He say?

Well, I already have, and I felt a total release unto Him! I don’t know how it works, but when I prayed it  out loud something big happened on the inside of me. It was like I knew that those emotions were still there, but God was holding them not me. He didn’t really say anything, I felt a security that I hadn’t experienced; I almost just knew that He was proud of me.

Are there some things that you need to get off your chest?

Not really to God, but probably to others. I have held in emotions toward others that I should probably tell them so it can be fixed. I keep everything on the inside and contwemplate it so long that I loose focus, get confused, and ignore everything. I’m working on how discern God’s word through the other voices, and it’s extremely frustrating. I just wish He would scream out so that His was the only one I heard!


~ by banton11 on March 24, 2010.

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