PE Day 5:

Have you ever felt especially close to God?

Yes, and quite a few happened this week, and not just in those big things. I don’t have the music for Prayer Experiment, so I just guestamated a time frame foe each day. While I prayed out loud and just listened and talked with God, it was different than the times before. I usually write in a journal and then pray in my head, but when I spoke the things going on in my head it felt like I released so much pressure. This costant weight that sagged on my shoulders was gone!! And just from praying out loud. Though this only happens every once in a while and it’s easy to forget, You have to keep reminding yourself why you pray. Because, I don’t know about you, but I want to hear God every second of the day. Even though that comes with the price of a huge conscience.

Have you ever heard God, inyour spirit speak to you? What did he say? How did you know it was Him?

I have heard him speak in my spirit, but it’s mainly for others..(So I’m not going to say what he said, unless they want to tell you.) I knew it was Him because I had this feeling of confidence and security in what was coming into my head. Usually the words I hear are from something I learned from the bible. I use the bible as my guide to telling me if it’s God or not, because if it doesn’t line up to what God would do then it isn’t Him. Simpler said then done. I haven’t really heard Him tell me specific things, in my head or otherwise, maybe a few words hear or there. I almost always get a feeling to pray in a different direction, but that’s about it.


~ by banton11 on March 17, 2010.

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