Fine Arts Poem-(Critiques Necessary)


A new light has shed upon my heart. It’s strange and unfamiliar.
Should it be wanted or neglected?
If only your voice would reveal itself.
You’ve stayed closed off from me, and I beg for forgiveness and grace.
Though I deserve to be thrown in the pit.

You came through for all the others.
Why won’t you even look toward me.
I’m desperate for your glance. I miss your love, your voice, your warmth.
It’s cold and silent in this new world. Let me escape to your presence.
Be my stronghold for this time, while I slip and struggle.
Come closer while changing me and make me feel welcome.

Oh my God, how lovely and sweet is your grace,
That you would surrender all.
Peace that flows down on me; I owe to your sacrifice.
Your loving embrace is a cocoon over my body.
Envelope me in your presence.

May my will fleet into forgetfulness, and yours shine through.
Freedom is let loose to those releasing.
My heart is yours to cleanse!
This mind set of you will never be forgotten;
To spend hours in your presence, to feel you in ways never felt, changes everything.


~ by banton11 on March 15, 2010.

One Response to “Fine Arts Poem-(Critiques Necessary)”

  1. This is very good Brittany. This really reminds me of the Psalm’s that David wrote. It has a deepness to it that a ton of people can identify with! 😀 Your a swell writer my friend..

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